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Jul 1

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“Not precisely from the same time. Though to explain the fact would be a waste of the time we have now, so I’m just going to respond with yes, and let us move on from that. I am well, thank you. I have begun work in forming the Brotherhood of Mutants. I assume by your time, you know what that is. If not, well, let’s not spoil things, shall we?”

Brotherhood? An idea I had in passing but no. Since you are going with ahead with that I think events in our two time lines are different. You killed Shaw, correct?

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Hello, I’m Erik Lehnsherr.

Hello I’m Richard Brook

Pleasure to meet you Richard. So, your an actor?

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It is a pleasure to meet you as well, Erick. 

The Doctor? What sort of doctor are you?

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Her smile faltered slightly, eyes falling from his. She could remember that feeling, the loss of a childhood. She had blocked it put, drowned it in her countless clients and her vices. Made sure it wasn’t ever strong enough to weaken her. Not again. “I always wanted to be a Hero, like my brother” she chuckled, glancing around the room. Never meeting his gaze. “Then when I get older, lost my family… I learned. I adapted. So my dream did too. Turned into a dream of survival.”

Almost downing his drink he swirls around what is left in the glass. Watching the colors catch the dim light. “Isn’t that how it really is? You meet these dreamers who think the world is a place where they can float up towards the sky. What they never tell you and people like you and me happen to learn early in life its all a lie. Everything is about fighting, cutting out your place just to live.”

Finishing the drink he sets it down, mouth twitching in grimace. “I plan to cut a rather large place, not just for me. And like these countries who go to war, I’ll guard what I have with a vicious nature.” Looking up at her his eyes have gone sharp, his face now made up of sharp features. “That is what this world has taught me.”

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I’m Erik Lehnsherr, a pleasure to meet you.

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Greetings, I’m Erik Lehnsherr.

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Hello I’m Erik Lehnsherr.

Dinner Date


She raised a brow, nodding once when she established that he had received the message. That it wasn’t a topic of discussion, that he would leave it be. “Childhood dream?” she asked, sipping at her gin with a small smile.

So he listened, he learned. Interesting. It intrigued her enough to want to find out just how far she could push him.

His face shifted through a few emotions, it wasn’t a question he was expecting nor really had a answer to. After a strong sip of his refreshed drink he answered plainly and honestly. “I don’t remember if I had one. Much before we were taken I can’t recall.”

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Mr Erik Lehnsherr: Dinner Date


“Ah, Audrey. Now she is a woman I can admire,” she chuckled, running her fingers over the Tim of her glass. She raised a brow when he noticed his examination of her. She could see what he was doing, cataloging her every movement. Two could play at that game. “Anywhere at…

She reached out and tapped the back of his hand, signalling for him to look at her. Return to her. “I haven’t been, nor will I. We were speaking hypothetically, were we not Mr. Lehnsherr?”

A bit startled but quick enough not to miss her sharp look and tone, not that she was hiding he feelings on the city. Another mystery but one he would not touch further upon at the moment. “Oh of course.” He blinks, voice loosing a little of its charm as he’s left trying to read her face. He waves down the waiter to give her a moment, orders another whiskey and after glancing at her now empty glass orders her a refill as well. “I believe it’s your turn.”
I like that hat, and tie… and jacket.

I like that hat, and tie… and jacket.

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